Rising Wrath

Work in Riddleport

It’s been an eventful couple of days. It seems that I’ll have to stay in Riddleport for at least a couple of days, on account of the Cypher Lodge being mysteriously in a state of lockdown. No one seems to have any idea why the Cypher Mages aren’t seeing anyone, and they weren’t willing to tell me, so the long and short of it is that I’m stuck for the time being.

It certainly hasn’t been dull, though. I’ve managed to meet a lot of people during my stay here. On my way out of the Cypher Lodge I met a Cypher Mage named Claudia who seems a nice sort, and who hopefully I’ll be able to meet again, once they finally open their doors. Then there was Saerana, a half elf girl who runs an antique shop and who is absurdly fond of chocolate. Lyssa often buys it for her, especially when she wants a favor. Up until now she seems to have only eaten milk chocolate; I bought her some dark chocolate, and after she ate it, she disappeared into the back room for a minute. Lyssa said she thought she heard a squeal of joy. We went to see her to see if she could help where the Cypher Mages had been unable to. She thought I was there to sell my ranseur, and though I was not willing to do so, she was able to tell me a bit about it: that it was late Thassilonian, that it was of excellent make, and that I apparently have sweaty palms.

Since I’ll be staying here, I’ve had to take a job. As a result, I’m back to my old gig of being a bouncer for a part time job, just like with Ameiko. Now I’m working for Zeke, the fellow who runs The Mystery of the Gate. He’s a great guy and makes delicious pancakes that, oddly, manage to go well with the beer he serves at breakfast. Lyssa suggested I get a job fighting in Riddleport’s gladiatorial arena, but that’s not quite my style. I enjoy a good sparring match as much as anyone, and probably more than a lot of people, but fighting for money is a little different, especially when it’s distinctly possible that someone is going to end up dead. I might be good at fighting, but I can’t say I enjoy killing people.

A few interesting occurrences came up lately. One was when I helped Zeke avoid a riot in his taproom. Lyssa had been getting drunk, like she usually does (how she’s so chipper in the morning is beyond me, it’s like she stores the booze in her breasts), and got up onto a table and started dancing. Truly, I have never seen anyone move her hips quite like that girl. She was attracting quite a bit of attention, and that was before she started taking her clothes off. Once that happened, she got a real crowd around her table, with more than a few of them looking like they wanted to engage in some “horizontal recreation.” Of course, for all that she likes the attention men give her when she acts that way, Lyssa never seems to want any of the logical conclusion. This worries Zeke for two reasons. First of all, despite being rough around the edges (very rough, sometimes), Lyssa is a sweet girl and it would be a terrible thing if something bad happened to her. Second, and perhaps more importantly, Lyssa is the owner of a flintlock firearm. If that gun of hers doesn’t kill whoever she fires it at, it would at the very least ruin their day. Normally, of course, the gun is enough of a deterrent of unwanted attention, but it loses its impact when its owner is shaking her ass, taking her clothes off, and dancing on a table and the people it was meant to deter are a few sheets to the wind. Zeke took a two pronged approach to defusing this. The first thing he did was send me out to let the corner girls know that there were a lot of potential customers in The Mystery of the Gate, and that Zeke was willing to let them come over and ply their wares. The second part, to get all the drunks away from Lyssa, Zeke took care of himself: a cry of “next round’s on the house!” did the trick. After that things calmed down considerably, although Lyssa did get groped during the rush for free beer, and took offense. How on earth someone who gyrates her hips like that can be bothered by someone grabbing her ass is something of a mystery to me; Zeke figures she just doesn’t know what she wants when it comes to certain things.

Shortly after that, I got a job that paid a fair bit more than bouncing. It turned out that a local mine had some kind of monster show up while the miners were digging a new shaft, and its presence had brought work to a standstill. We were hired by the mine’s owner, Lars Brigget, to get rid of the thing. Lyssa helped out, as did Saerana, and I was much surprised to see Kyle again; Lyssa had enlisted him to help with our job of monster hunting. The fight was brief but intense; it turned out that the thing was a rock troll… or was it cave troll? Either way, it was a troll, and it had rocks and crystals growing all over its skin. It was pretty tough, but we managed to make fairly short work of it. I was very glad to have everyone there. It turns out that Saerana is a spellcaster of some kind, and all three of them were handy in a fight. Lars was very grateful; he paid us 500 gold pieces for the job. I was pretty happy with a job well done, but the money was definitely nice as well, since most of us got a little banged up in the doing of it.

This promises to be an interesting stay in Riddleport. Lyssa really was right, the place has character. It sure isn’t Sandpoint, and I wouldn’t want to live my life here, but it’s a better place than a lot of people give it credit for.


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