Shy, quirky, eerily competent girl at the curio shop



Saerana is short, slim, and blonde. Her brown eyes can be intense, though she rarely makes eye contact. Though she looks mostly human, her elven heritage is apparent in the slight point to her ears.



Saerana runs the day-to-day affairs of “Riddle Me This”, a magic/curio/pawn shop in Riddleport. The owner, Barthemus, suffered a collapse of some kind years back, and Saerana, being a relative of his, moved in to take care of him and help with the business. No one knows where she is originally from, as she doesn’t like to discuss personal details and most people find her awkward to talk to, if polite. She is intelligent, and has a keen interest in all things Thassilonian. She makes an excellent pawn broker for Thassilonian artifacts, as she can often tell the value of such an item from just a cursory inspection.

Between running the store, caring for Barthemus, and her own natural shyness, Saerana doesn’t get out much, and thus doesn’t have much of a social life. On the other hand, she has a wary friendship with Lyssa, who is prone to attempts to drag the poor girl into rowdy social situations.

Has a curiously strong liking for chocolate, and has been known to give discounts to people who gift her with it. She also frequently plays with the pendant she always wears when she is nervous.

Saerana always has at least two knives strapped to her belt at all times. No one can recall her ever using them, but to date no one can recall anyone shoplifting from her store, either.


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