Lyssa Turmesti

Sassy, savvy ship captain and card shark.


Curvy, dark-haired woman in her mid-twenties. Half Varisian and half Chelaxian. Carries a cutlass and a pistol. Dresses like a sailor (drinks and curses like one, too). Elizabeth_Shirland_by_GENZOMAN.jpg


Not much is known at present about Lyssa, as she tends to play things close to her ample chest. She is a semi-regular fixture in Riddleport, with half the people in town loving her for her exuberance and fun-loving attitude, and the other half nursing a grudge because she swindled them at some point. Lyssa is a carefree, adventurous spirit who generally does what she wants. She doesn’t seem to have any plans or desire to settle down anytime soon. It is uncertain at this point if she actually even has any goals to speak of, aside from getting rich, getting drunk, and beating crooks and card sharks at their own game. Lyssa has a disturbing tendency to put herself into dangerous situations due to lack of forethought. She seems happy enough to start removing her clothes while drunk, yet aggressively (sometimes violently) deflects amorous attention that comes her way.

Lyssa is captain of a single-masted ship, called the “Risky Venture”, that sits in the Riddleport harbor during the colder months. What she does with it is anyone’s guess. Lyssa has been known to express annoyance with the Ulfen people to the north, as well as the Chelaxian navy.

Lyssa knows many people in Riddleport. She is on good terms with Zeke at the Mystery of the Gate (who is somewhat protective of her) and is friends with Saerana at the curio shop. Really dislikes bugs.

Lyssa Turmesti

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