Kyle Thatcher

A handsome, young paladin of Iomedae with a dark past...



At six-foot tall with shiny plate mail, sandy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, a neatly-trimmed beard and a quick smile, Kyle cuts an impressive figure.


Kyle had humble beginnings, growing up in Riddleport as the only son of a widower longshoreman. From a young age, Kyle worked as best he could in a seedy dockside tavern. Rumor has it that he had a girlfriend, but was too ashamed of his humble roots when the subject of marriage came up, so he packed up and ran away. He apparently found his way to Magnimar, and took paladin vows at the temple of Iomedae. In recent years he has taken to wandering up and down the Lost Coast and elsewhere in Varisia, looking for evil to vanquish, possibly in an attempt to distract himself from the inner turmoil that follows him everywhere.

Kyle Thatcher

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