Rising Wrath

The story so far

Ali's adventures in brief prior to being waylaid by bandits

Prior to all of this, Ali had been living as an ordinary girl. Her origins are anything but ordinary, though. She only has memories going back to five years ago, on the night that is now known as the start of the Late Unpleasantness. She woke up full of fear and rage. She doesn’t remember much of that night, just that she was running like the hounds of hell were after her. According to Brodert Quink, who was the first to see her, she ran stark naked out of the Old Light screaming and raving in a language that he realized was Ancient Thassilonian. She was eventually calmed down, but little attention could be given to her at the time due to a string of bizarre and vicious murders, and later the burning of the old church and the death of the town priest and his daughter.

Ali eventually learned Taldan, and turned out to be a naive, friendly, cheery, and athletic sort of girl. She joined the town guard and worked as a bouncer at the Rusty Dragon in exchange for room and board. She became friends with the Sheriff’s daughter, Hope Hemlock. Life went on peacefully for some years, until the events of the Swallowtail festival led to her becoming involved in hunting down a horde of goblins and dealing with yet another serial killer. Throughout all of this, she has been increasingly troubled by thoughts of her mysterious past. Her party discovered a statue that looked almost exactly like her in an ancient Thassilonian ruin underneath Sandpoint, and she began having strange and prophetic dreams.

Eventually she decided that she needed to find out about her past, and took her leave from her friends, hoping to rejoin them once she had figured out this problem that had been troubling her.

She made her way first to Windsong Abbey, where she received a Harrow reading from a cleric of Pharasma that was exceedingly peculiar (all the cards were blank except one, the Empty Throne). As she left the Abbey, she happened upon a paladin named Kyle (who had been the “boyfriend” an apprentice cleric of Pharasma she had befriended named Amethyst), and they decided to travel together until they got to Riddleport.

They stopped in the town of Galduria to visit the Twilight Academy, a small mage’s school. She hoped to find some information about her past here, but there was nothing to be found.

On the road to Wolf’s Ear, they were beset by bandits. That is where the story picks up.


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